Beatus Rhenanus Bridge | Pedestrian Bridge

Beatus Rhenanus Bridge | Pedestrian Bridge

George C. King Bridge | Pedestrian Bridge

George C. King Bridge | Pedestrian Bridge

Zwyiec Bridge | Structural Tension Rod Systems

Zwyiec Bridge | Structural Tension Rod Systems

Tied Arch Bridges

PFEIFER Structures designs, engineers, and installs cables, wire ropes, and other tension members as components of some of the most iconic tied arch bridge structures in the world. Tied arch bridges are long-span bridges capable of connecting roadways and walkways over large bodies of water such as rivers and bays. Tied arch bridges are differentiated from other bridge structures by the arch that spans over the bridge. Cable and tension rod systems then connect the bridge to the arch(es). A tied arch bridge can function as a pedestrian bridge or footbridge, a very efficient lightweight structure that allows pedestrians to cross potentially dangerous areas such as highways, rivers, and ravines.

Built in a fraction of the time and at around half the cost of conventional construction, our precision-engineered lightweight structures give architects, city planners, and developers a great alternative to traditional, heavy, and time-consuming methods of bridge construction. There are shapes, forms, and solutions we can create with lightweight architecture that cannot be replicated with any other method of construction, for example – a curved bridge deck.

Our structures can be used for a variety of bridge structures:

  • Roadways or causeways
  • Pedestrian bridges or footbridges
  • Elevated walkways
  • Cable and rod hangers
  • Renovation of existing bridges

In addition, the advanced membrane and cable materials can be used for covered walkway canopies to provide protection from the elements for pedestrians or to bring an architectural flair to any bridge.

Cable bridge structures are low maintenance, very economical, quick to install, provide long service life, and are sustainable. Our tension members are also used as part of a structural system of large tied arch bridges offering superior material properties and exceptional performance over a long life span.

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