Service & Maintenance For Tensile Membrane Structures & Cable Structures

PFEIFER Structures is here to help you with the industry’s most comprehensive tensile membrane structure and cable structure maintenance and repair services.

All structures require some level of maintenance. Sunlight and time are two factors that deteriorate unmaintained structures. PFEIFER Structures offers maintenance agreements to keep your structure looking new.

Not all service issues are due to normal wear. Bullets, forklifts, and animals are some of the uncommon and unforeseen hazards we’ve dealt with. Rely on our team of specialists to help you with emergency repairs.

Rare events like strong hurricanes or 100-year flooding can cause extensive structural damages. After assessing the damages, our team can replace the damaged portions of the structure or the entire structure if needed. This can even be an opportunity to upgrade your structure!

Services We Perform

Membrane replacement

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