Structure Type: Cable Structure
Project Scope: Detail engineering, supply & installation
Project Size:
Material: Cables & lashings
Location: Julier Pass, Switzerland
Completion Date: August 2021
Owner: GÆG (Global Aethetic Genetics) – Wolfgang Aichner & Thomas Huber
Structural Engineer: Behringer Ingenieure
General Contractor:

A massive, larger-than-life clock built by the artist duo GÆG, consisting of Wolfgang Aichner and Thomas Huber should be placed in a rock arch.

To enable this challenging project the design of the relevant details, production of the wire ropes, and the clock’s installation have been done by us.

The clock is able to interact with visitors: If a visitor moves towards the clock, the hands of the clock turn more and more slowly. When the hikers stand directly in front of it, the clock finally comes to a standstill.

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