Structure Type: Stadium tensile fin facade
Project Scope:
Project Size: 206,880 sqft
Material: LDPE
Location: London, UK
Completion Date: 2012
Market Segment: Sports Facilities
Owner: LOGOC
General Contractor: DOW Chemical Corp
Architect: Populous
Engineer: BuroHappold

It is estimated that billions of people around the world, including 40.7 million in the USA alone, tuned in to the Olympic Opening Ceremonies on July 27, 2012. Many, no doubt, have noticed the fabric panels surrounding the London Olympic Stadium that gave the facility a very signature look. PFEIFER Structures was a key player in the design detailing and final engineering of the banner wrap.

The team also furnished the component hardware, steel frames, brackets and cables and installed the banners on an accelerated schedule. The wrap encircled an area of over 200,010 square feet and includes 306 panels; each twisted 90 degrees from top to bottom in the form of a helix, and each spanning 8 ½ feet wide by 80 feet in height. The panels are white from the outside (exterior lighting at night changed their colors) but viewed from the interior, they were colored with all colors of the spectrum arranged to match the color scheme in the stadium. PFEIFER worked on the project as part of a team that included the Dow Chemical Company, the Cooley Group, Rainier Industries and Spartech. Dow, an official sponsor for the Olympic Games, announced after the conclusion of the closing ceremonies that they have partnered with leading UK building and development charity Article 25 and recycling company Axion Recycling to repurpose the entire stadium wrap. The panels are slated for recycling and reuse for projects in the UK, and shelter solutions for at-risk children in Uganda and Rio.

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