Structure Type: Pavilion
Project Scope: Supply
Project Size: 900 sqm
Material: PVC
Location: Taoyuan, Taiwan
Completion Date: 2019
Market Segment: Event & Entertainment Facilities
General Contractor: Fabric Design & Engineering Co., Ltd.
Architect: Wu Kunyao Architects
Structural Engineer:

The canopy in Jiaobanshan Park is designed with the hat of Taiwan Taiya minority as the design concept. The red, white and black diamond totem symbolizes the eyes of the ancestral spirit. It means that the ancestral spirit will protect the Taiya people forever.

The client requires red, white and black diamond totem symbolizes printing on double-side, and need to be guaranteed high accuracy.

The canopy is 3D curved surface, so our engineer must mark lots of reference points in model to generate printing cutting pattering to ensure totem could fit the correct position.

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