Structure Type: Airport canopy
Project Scope:
Project Size: 86,000 sqft
Material: PTFE
Location: Rochester, NY
Completion Date: November 2018
Market Segment: Infrastructure
Owner: County of Monroe
General Contractor: LeChase Construction
Architect: Passero Associates
Engineer: Passero Associates

Photo credits: Mike Urban, Todd Scholl

2019 Award of Excellence
Tensile Structures, 600 – 2300 square meters (6,458 – 24,756 square feet)
IFAI International Achievement Awards

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Greater Rochester International Airport completed a capitol project at the Main Terminal building with Fabritec engaged as Prime contractor for delivery of a canopy structure covering the building access road system at the departure and arrival lanes.

With a contract for $24,000,000 and an aggressive delivery requirement FabriTec met the contractual requirements with some exceeded to the Owner’s benefit. The contractual performance of the elements and sub elements was accomplished with some minor problems for which corrective actions taken by the contactor were highly effective. Experienced project executives, managers, engineers, supervisors and administrative staff were provided to the project. Supervision was provided at adequate levels and actively demonstrated ability to hire and maintain qualified personnel during the contract period. The home office participated in solving significant local issues at a high level. Quality control was provided meeting contractual requirements. Problems were identified quickly and alternative approaches suggested displaying initiative to solve problems. The established project schedules were met while still being responsive to contract changes. A high level of compliance was maintained with Federal state and local regulations while performance of contract work occurred concurrently with multiple prime contracts on the project site.

FabriTec demonstrated a high level of expertise in the personnel managing with exceptional quality of product delivery. Overall Contractor rating and performance is excellent.

William Johnson
Deputy Director

Greater Rochester International Airport

I am writing to you on behalf of LeChase Construction to recommend the services of FabriTec Structures. I was afforded the opportunity to work with FabriTec Structures on the Greater Rochester International Airport Canopy project. In the capacity of Construction Manager, I can say with enthusiasm, FabriTec is a first-class organization and their performance exceeded expectations in several aspects of the project.

FabriTec was required to completely design and model the eight canopy structures based on provided architectural concepts and structural parameters. Collaborative weekly meetings were held between FabriTec and the Owners representatives throughout the design phase to review progress and collectively resolve design issues. As adjustments for constructability were implemented, FabriTec consistently demonstrated their receptiveness to satisfy Owner requests throughout completion of design.

FabriTec proved their ability to adhere to their initially furnished schedule, tailored to conform to an aggressive overall project completion date. Scope activities were manipulated as required and manpower adjustments were made in a proactive manner to reach project milestone dates and achieve the overall completion date. The project team provided in-depth contractor schedule updates on a weekly basis and informed of any and all alterations in a timely and detailed manner.

FabriTec was invested and engaging in regards to change management throughout the entire construction phase. A proactive approach was taken to offer various solutions as issues arose. Proposals were solicited from multiple subcontractors and suppliers to provide the Owner with the most cost-efficient remedies in little turnaround time. Approved changes were diligently implemented in the field, maintaining the project schedule.
FabriTec’s team demonstrated their desire to exceed customer expectations throughout the entire lifecycle of the project. Their general communications, level of responsiveness to project concerns, and overall preparedness and thoroughness gave any task at hand are a few of the many attributes that eased the burden of a complex and challenging project.

I would highly recommend FabriTec’s services for any future construction projects they may be in consideration for.

Phillip Koff
Construction Manager

LeChase Construction

I am writing this letter to provide a reference for Fabritec Structures LLC, whom I have had the privilege of working with for the past year on the Greater Rochester International Airport Entrance Canopy Project. The project had a very challenging schedule set by New York State’s Revitalize Upstate Airports Program. Some companies that construct tensile structures chose not to bid the project because of the schedule and complex design. Febritec completed the project on time and on budget. Their performance on the project was exceptional. They handle design and construction issues as a team player working with engineers and other contractors, finding the best resolution for the project.

As a designer I know that an important part to the success of any project is good contractor. The team at Fabritec Structures, lead on our project by Todd Scholl was far better than good. They brought the designer’s and more importantly the airport’s vision to life.

I am the Northeast Aviation Services Director and have been responsible for over 100 projects over the past twenty-five years. Fabritec’s abilities equal or exceed any of the previous contractors I have worked with in the past. They clearly are a company that pays attention to the highest detail and would be a welcomed addition to any project, that values excellence. I would personally welcome the opportunity to work with Fabritec Structures LLC on any project and hope that I am fortunate enough too do so in the future.

Gregory T. Topping, PE
Northeast Aviation Services Director

Passero Associates

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