Structure Type: Amphitheater
Project Scope:
Project Size:
Material: PTFE
Location: Las Vegas, NV
Completion Date: 2008
Market Segment: Event & Entertainment Facilities
Owner: City of Las Vegas
General Contractor: Apco Construction
Architect: ZW Zunino & Associates
Structural Engineer: Geiger Engineers

Centennial Hills Phase Three by PFEIFER Structures was the last phase of a very successful city development just outside Las Vegas, Nevada. Phase One was a playground and sports field project, Phase Two was an Aquatic Facility and Phase Three is a high-end performance space for outdoor concerts. The project gives the city a venue to host festive outdoor events and provides a first-class amenity to the public.

The client wanted a unique amphitheater structure to serve as a focal point and provide shade for the concert performers. In an effort to avoid disrupting the natural flow of the land, the architects sought to build a park that fully embraced the surrounding landscape. The large tensile amphitheater is sunken into a natural bowl with the majority of the seating on the grass off a naturally sloping hill. The size of the steel support elements gives the amphitheater a powerful ambiance. The Phase Three addition completed over 300 acres of city development with a bang!

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