Structure: Stadium roof
Project Scope:
Project Size: 260,000 sqft
Material: PTFE Membrane & full locked cables
Location: Syracuse, NY
Completion Date: September 2020
Owner: Syracuse University
General Contractor: Hayner Hoyt Construction
Structural Engineer: Geiger Engineers

PFEIFER Structures has completed the roof renovation of the iconic Carrier Dome at Syracuse University in Syracuse, New York. The new roof is a metal-fabric hybrid, with the center being made of PTFE membrane. The new roof replaces the old, 220-ton air-inflated roof. The PTFE roof is supported by a complex cable net grid designed by PFEIFER Cables. Protruding from the cable net are arching steel tubes. The membrane rests on the arches, creating a “bubbly” visual from both outside and inside the dome.

Installation of the new roof began when the old roof was removed in March of 2020. The new roof was completed before the Syracuse football season opening win over Georgia Tech on September 26, 2020.

The $118 million dollar roof will save the university thousands of dollars in the long run. The old roof had to maintain a consistent air pressure to prevent it from collapsing. Now, the roof is supported by a cable net system and the steel crown truss surrounding the roof. The PTFE material is semi-translucent, which allows for daylight to bring natural light to game days. Between the reduced electricity for lights and not having to keep the building at a high air pressure, the University of Syracuse will see their return on investment for the new roof in the long run.

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