Structure Type: Pavilion
Project Scope:
Project Size: 4,300 sqft
Material: ETFE
Location: Heilbronn, Germany
Completion Date: 2019
Market Segment: Event & Entertainment Facilities
Owner: Bundesgartenschau Heilbronn
General Contractor:
Architect: The Institute for Computer-Aided Design and Construction (ICD) and the Institute for Structural Design and Design (ITKE)

The Buga Fibre Pavilion at the Bundesgartenschau grounds is an impressive mixture of cutting-edge computational technologies with bionic principles. The pavilion is made of 150,000 meters (93 mi.) of spatially arranged glass and carbon fibres. The construction covers a floor area of 400 square meters (4306 sq.ft.) with a free span of 23 meters (75,5 ft.). To support such an innovative project PFEIFER partially sponsored 405 square meters (4359 sq.ft.) of ETFE-foil, 430 meters (1411 ft.) of supporting cable structure as well as the installation.

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