Structure: ETFE inflated-cushion canopies
Project Scope:
Project Size: 345,500 sqft
Material: ETFE Cushion
Location: Atlanta, GA
Completion Date: 2019
Owner: City of Atlanta
Architect: HOK, Stanley Love-Stanley, & Chasm Architecture
Engineer: Southeastern Engineering Inc.
General Contractor: New South Construction, McCarthy Building Companies, & Synergy Development Partners

Photo credits: Gary Taylor

PFEIFER built a pair of massive ETFE canopies for the ATLNext Central Passenger Terminal Complex project at Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. FabriTec’s scope of the project consists of the fabrication and installation of 345,500 square feet of ETFE cushions on the two massive 874-foot long canopy structures covering the arrivals and departures area of the airport. With an enormous span, the canopies cover eight lanes of traffic along with bus lanes and stations. The pressurized double-layered ETFE cushions are mounted on framework created with 3,500 tons of steel. The canopies are embedded with thousands of computer-controlled LED lights capable of projecting a dynamic light show on the ETFE cushions.

The ATLNext Central Passenger Terminal Complex project is part of a $7.5 billion Atlanta airport renovation program scheduled for completion by 2030.

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