Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Architect: SPARCH
Project Size: 11,300 sqft
Material: ETFE cushion
Completion: 2009

Mont Kiara is a predominantly residential neighborhood and is very family orientated. This spirit is captured in the design which uses a ‘friendly’ palette of finishes in feel, color and texture. Shoppers entering the atrium will step into natural light cascading onto a pixelated ‘floral’ floor surface, providing the space with a unique identity and paying homage to the buildings tropical context. The floor surface depicts an abstract image of the hibiscus flower which is used as a device to guide shoppers into the atrium and identifies zones for events and displays. The energy and geometry of the floor pattern is carried into the structure of the roof that vaults the atrium; a steel shell supporting an ETFE cushion roof. In this application, a long sausage-shaped cushion is used utilizing a C-shaped washer for friction protection and heat isolation. Hereunder themed events, activities and cultural performances will be staged to engage and entertain visitors.

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