Membrane Fabrication

At the core of our custom tensile fabric structure designs are the fabrics that we utilize to create some of the most architecturally innovative and aesthetically appealing fabric structures in the world. We use the best materials available including vinyl coated polyester (PVC), TEFLON™-coated fiberglass (PTFE),and transparent structural clear foil (ETFE).

The Fabrics are selected to meet the specific project requirements as well as our clients’ individual needs and desires. We offer a variety of materials with varying degrees of translucency, light reflectivity, UV and weather protection, and non-combustibility. Certain fabrics offer self cleaning surfaces and all are easily maintained to preserve their appearance and ensure a long life.

Our covers and tension membrane structures are fabricated utilizing the strongest seams applicable to the individual fabric – this includes heat sealing, radio frequency (RF) sealing and sewn seams utilizing Gore-Tex PTFE thread which provides the longest life expectancy in the industry. Our Fabric patterning, sewing and cutting crews utilize the most advanced computer controlled cutting technology available which provides precision load analysis and tight tolerance.

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