LoadSCAN® Tension Monitoring System

LoadSCAN® is an innovative system measuring stress in any tension member using the ultrasonic technology patented by PFEIFER. A sensor located in the pin of a socket provides quick and accurate readings of forces in a structural member. LoadSCAN® can be used for either routine stress checks or permanent monitoring of loads in any structure. The field of possible applications varies from bridges and curtain walls, through rock-fall protection systems, to large cable nets on stadium roofs. The use of the LoadSCAN® System can lead to an optimized design, provides effective monitoring, and can reduce the maintenance costs of any structure.

Temporary load check

Tension force readings can be taken during installation and maintenance works using a battery-powered handheld LoadSCAN® Unit.


The actual load in any tension member is measured within a ±2% accuracy level.

Universal use

LoadSCAN® measurement technology can be installed on any pin for any tension member on any structure, both new and old. LoadSCAN® pins can also be installed in systems not originally provided by PFEIFER.

Permanent monitoring

Up to 128 pins can be connected in a daisy chain schematic to one monitoring unit. One cable is used between the measuring transducer and the unit for powering and for data transmission. The system is fast and easy to install. All data can be viewed or stored on a local computer or through a cloud connection. Instant notifications can be sent via SMS, e-mail, BacNET, or via PROFINET system.

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