Green Wall Facades

PFEIFER Structures specializes in the design, engineering, and installation of innovative green wall facades. Our green walls, also known as living walls, green screen facades, and green screen structures, provide architects and developers with a cost-effective method of transforming the appearance of a building. In some instances, our customers use green wall façades to alter the appearance of otherwise uninspiring structures like parking garages.

In addition to the privacy offered by a green façade, a plant wall façade can also provide a solar shade to prevent the majority of sunlight from entering a building while still offering outward visibility. Green walls keep the structure cooler by absorbing sunlight and radiation before getting to the structure, as well as populating the air with cool evaporated water droplets. This helps reduce solar heat gain and can drastically reduce energy bills.

Green wall facades utilizing mesh panels can also be a creative way to add an iconic façade and give the structure an organic architectural flair. Green walls make an excellent structural façade for parking garage structures, office buildings, and park structures.

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