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Designing Outdoor Spaces In The Time Of Covid Presentation

By September 20, 2020October 14th, 2021LEARN

Designing Outdoor Spaces In The Time Of Covid


The odds of contracting the coronavirus are 18 times higher indoors than outdoors


Increasing the distance between people, or social distancing, is a simple way to lower the risk of spreading the virus


Research indicates natural sunlight rapidly inactivates coronavirus on surfaces


Outdoor spaces lower the risk of viral spread because natural air flow disperses concentrations of droplets and aerosols that carry the virus

Educators are looking for ways to safely accommodate students.

Fabric canopy structures provide large covered areas, shade, and shelter from weather conditions such as rain, hail, and snow.

Mixed-use hybrid retail and entertainment developments and outdoor malls were trending up before the coronavirus.

Canopy structures give retailers the best of both worlds – a place to sell their product with fresh air and shade.

Outdoor eating areas have become crucial for restaurants to serve customers.

To maintain consistent operations, patio areas should offer patrons protection from the elements while allowing people to social distance.

There will be more queueing as people are screened when they enter buildings.

Covered entryway and covered walkway structures allow people to safely queue under cover from the elements.